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Dry Rug Cleaning

When searching for Dry Rug Cleaning Tulsa, Executive Rug Cleaning is first to be found. Our technicians and friendly staff can answer any question you might have about Oriental Rug Cleaning Tulsa or Area Rug Cleaning Tulsa. Area rugs provide beauty, style, and comfort to your home and you most certainly want to keep them in good condition. Cleaning and maintaining your rugs is a must, but you will need to choose a company that you can trust. Our employees are well-trained and educated in all cleaning methods as well as rug repair.

There is a misconception when it comes to Dry Rug Cleaning Tulsa. Manufacturers have been known to label their products as "dry clean only." This label is placed on just about all fabric material including furniture in order to protect the company or retailor from liability. Basically this label is just a warning to the customer that the dyes in the rug or fabric may bleed. When Oriental and area rugs are cleaned by an educated technician, they know to pre-treat the rug with a dye blocker to prevent color migration. Allow a trained professional who understands how to deal with different fibers and dyes to properly clean your rug. You will not have to worry about any damage or color issues. A single hand wash cleaning will most likely remove all types of spots and soil from the area rug.

Executive Rug Cleaning is different from its competitors in the industry in the sense that we truly care about the individual details regarding our clients' varying needs. We understand that not only is the Oriental or area rug valuable in a monetary sense, but it can also have sentimental attachment to it. If a rug has been properly cared for, family can pass it down to other members. This provides great memories and meaning to all involved. Our rug specialists handle each rug with care and will give quality cleaning without damaging the rugs natural color, design, vibrancy, and strength of the base.

As you can see, dry cleaning a rug isn't always necessary; understanding how to treat and clean a rug is. Call Executive Rug Cleaning today to schedule your cleaning experience.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our industrial sized rug cleaning facility is conveniently located in Enid. This allows our company to service most all of Oklahoma and even Kansas.

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Rug Restoration

Finding the best company to perform the Rug Restoration Tulsa can be quite stressful especially when it comes to your precious Oriental and fine textile rugs. Executive Rug Cleaning will take

Oriental Rug Cleaning

In your search for Oriental Rug Cleaning Tulsa you have found one of the most unique companies in the state of Oklahoma. Executive Rug Cleaning hand washes all the rugs that are brought to our facility.

Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Tulsa requires a delicate hand cleaning process without the use of harsh chemicals. The rug is treated first by a gentle process in order to remove the abrasive soil and allergens that 

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Our Cleaning Process

Dusting Process

Executive Rug Cleaning has over 20 years’ worth of experience when it comes to washing of modern and antique rugs. We have worked with many different types of fibers and styles of rugs.

Drying Process

Having your area rugs cleaned in your home can lead to several problems. Unfortunately a rug cannot be adequately dried at a place of residence. Without the proper drying, an area rug can

Washing Process

At Executive Rug Cleaning your area rugs are treated to the most gentle but thorough washing in the state. Our certified technicians go to every measure to ensure that every rug leaves clean

Fringe Cleaning Process

Remember the day you brought your new rug home and placed it on the floor? It attributed elegance and beauty to the room and tied everything together for the full affect. 

Soft Water Rinse Process

The soft water rinse is an added bonus when it comes to cleaning Oriental and fine textile rugs. Executive Rug Cleaning gives each rug our signature soft water rinse to enhance 


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