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Rug Repair

Oriental and area rugs are prone to heavy foot traffic so owning a rug implies a huge responsibility. Because of their placement throughout the home, rugs create beauty and elegance. They also tend to collect the soil and dust particles. Some floor covering have a busy pattern that makes it difficult to tell if it is in need of cleaning and repair......

Executive Rug Cleaning in Tulsa

You can trust your area rugs and other fine textiles to Executive Rug Cleaning. We combined old world technique with today's technology in order to get the best results in Oklahoma. These materials and textiles are very fragile and thus require exceptional care. First we evaluate the condition and make of the rug, then decide which method is appropriate.

As the owner of a precious Oriental rug, you should be aware that having the floor covering cleaned on a regular basis expands the life expectancy for the piece. Cleaning does not wear out the rug. The abrasive dirt damages the fibers. Therefore, having it cleaned often is best.

Deciding on which service provider can be confusing and stressful. Rest assured that the professionals at Executive Rug Cleaning of Oklahoma are skilled craftsmen and are educated on how to handle area rugs as unique pieces. They will treat your belonging with the utmost care. It is our passion to preserve the value of your Oriental rugs.

Some people shy away from purchasing Oriental or area rugs for their home because of the difficulty and inconvenience of maintaining it. It is a known fact that these precious pieces are susceptible to staining, discoloration, blemishes, dampness, and moths. Because of the busy design on the rugs, it can camouflage the abrasive soils which can cause accelerated wear and damage the individual fibers. Dust, dirt, and sand can hoard in the floor covering causing accumulated weight. We have actually pulled 8 pounds of dirt out of a large area rug!! Of course this took years to build up. Don't let this happen to your valuable possession. Make it a routine to have your rugs cleaned and sanitized every year. It will maintain the rug's attractiveness, value, and it is healthier for the family.

Even though regular vacuuming is helpful, it just isn't enough to pull out the embedded dirt. Calling a professional is the only way to thoroughly clean and sanitize the fibers and fringes. Executive Rug Cleaning can make this an easy process for the owner. We realize people have busy schedules and is inconvenienced by having to deal with their rugs. Our technicians will gladly pick up and deliver the rugs back to you in a timely fashion. We will be sensitive to your needs and will take the hassle out of this task. The end result will be a great looking, good smelling floor covering that was quick and easy for the valued customer.

Having the Oriental rugs cleaned on a regular basis will lengthen the life expectancy which will allow you to pass this precious piece to the next generation. It'll be more than just a way to decorate a room. It will give the family members pure joy to think of the memories attached to the rug.

Harmful chemicals are never used during the washing and rinsing procedures. We will clean your rug in our 6,000 square foot state-of-the-art rug washing facility to provide you with the utmost care and cleaning experience. Our unique system simulates the way rugs were washed in a river in Persia. Our system utilizes the simple elements of air and water to provide the most affective service in Oklahoma. Preserve and maintain your gorgeous heirloom with our help. Call Executive Rug Cleaning today to schedule a time for your beautiful rugs to be washed.

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  • “Recently, I was given my grandmother's rug which is about 45 years old. I hesitated about getting it cleaned since it was so old. Executive Rug Cleaning has the experience and knowledge that it takes to clean these antique rugs. I'm totally satified with the results.”

    Jamie - Tulsa, OK
  • “I had my rug picked up by the guys at Executive Rug Cleaning last week. The young men were so polite and helpful. They thoroughly explained the procedure my rug would go through and gave me an estimate beforehand. The following week they brought back my rug and placed it under my dining room table for me. It is beautiful!! All the stains came out, and it is so soft! They did a wonderful job!!”

    Virginia - Sand Springs 
  • “I was a little apprehensive about getting my rug cleaned. I just didn't know if getting it wet was good for it. After visiting with the professionals at Executive Rug Cleaning, they educated me about why it is best for area rugs to be washed on a regular basis. I didn't realize how damaging soil can be to the rug. The colors are vivid and the fringe is white again. I had know idea how dirty it was. It looks so nice!!”

    Gunnar - Tulsa

Our Cleaning Process

Dusting Process

Executive Rug Cleaning has over 20 years’ worth of experience when it comes to washing of modern and antique rugs. We have worked with many different types of fibers and styles of rugs.

Drying Process

Having your area rugs cleaned in your home can lead to several problems. Unfortunately a rug cannot be adequately dried at a place of residence. Without the proper drying, an area rug can

Washing Process

At Executive Rug Cleaning your area rugs are treated to the most gentle but thorough washing in the state. Our certified technicians go to every measure to ensure that every rug leaves clean,

Fringe Cleaning Process

Remember the day you brought your new rug home and placed it on the floor? It attributed elegance and beauty to the room and tied everything together for the full affect. 

Soft Water Rinse Process

The soft water rinse is an added bonus when it comes to cleaning Oriental and fine textile rugs. Executive Rug Cleaning gives each rug our signature soft water rinse to enhance 

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With 20 years of experience in the cleaning and restoration industry, we have come across many cleaning challenges and have had to create solutions to fit each need. We work in the water damage restoration business as well as the cleaning. Through this avenue we have brought back to life some of the most hopeless cases involving water damage on Oriental and fine textile area rugs...... READ MORE


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