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When you are searching for Oriental Rug Cleaning Tulsa, the name Executive Rug Cleaning appears. We are your first choice for washing and repairing hand knotted rugs. Established in 1994, we have gone through great lengths to provide the most outstanding service and cleaning in the state of Oklahoma. Our unique approach for cleaning is what we like to call using old world technique combined with today's technology.

We always begin with an evaluation of the rug and decide upon a course of action. Each rug has special needs, and we recognize and act upon that. We note any urine, color bleeds, or Rug Repair Tulsa that needs to be addressed. From here the cleaning procedure begins.

In order to remove the abrasive soil that can damage the fibers of the area rug, we run them through a cycle in the Turkish Tumbler. This apparatus gently tumbles the rug allowing the dirt and dust to fall out. It is simply amazing how much weight in dirt a rug can hold!!

After tumbling, the rug is put into the 1200 gallon wash tub. This mocks the process of the Middle Easterners' way of cleansing their rugs in a river. It will slowly agitate allowing the dirt and debris to fall to the bottom of the tank. Not only does the bath remove soil, but it also completely gets rid of any stains that might have remained in the fibers.

Next the rug is placed inside the Centrum Force to remove any excess moisture and then it is taken to the rinsing station. There it is thoroughly rinsed with soft water to ensure the cleanest, softest rug ever. After the water runs clear, the fine textile rug is draped across a pole in the drying room. Here, the temperature is controlled as well as the humidity levels. One of the keys to a healthy rug is to get it completely dry. Fans circulate the warm air around the rug to speed up the process.

After grooming the fibers and treating the fringes, the area rug goes through a final inspection. The specialist goes over every detail to ensure the best cleaning has been performed. After the approval has been given, the customer is called with the cleaning results.

If you have had the misfortune of going through a fire or flood and it has damaged your valuable area rugs, call Executive Rug Cleaning. Rug Restoration Tulsa is one of our specialties. We realize that these rugs not only have a monetary value, but also a sentimental one as well. Our technicians will go to every measure possible to restore the precious piece back to its pre-existing condition.

If you would like to lengthen the life of your rug and have the added benefit of comfort, look into purchasing rug padding. Rug Padding Tulsa is another service we provide to aid our customers in decisions about area rug care. Call us with any questions you may have about rug cleaning, restoration, repair, or padding.



Not only does Executive Rug Cleaning bring back your rug to its previous condition, but we can also repair any damage that might have occurred while being used.

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Rug Restoration

Finding the best company to perform the Rug Restoration Tulsa can be quite stressful especially when it comes to your precious Oriental and fine textile rugs. Executive Rug Cleaning will take

Oriental Rug Cleaning

In your search for Oriental Rug Cleaning Tulsa you have found one of the most unique companies in the state of Oklahoma. Executive Rug Cleaning hand washes all the rugs that are brought to our facility.

Dry Rug Cleaning

When searching for Dry Rug Cleaning Tulsa, Executive Rug Cleaning is first to be found. Our technicians and friendly staff can answer any question you might have about Oriental Rug Cleaning Tulsa or Area Rug Cleaning

For More Details Call us:1-405-588-4533 | 1-866-708-4777

Our Cleaning Process

Dusting Process

Executive Rug Cleaning has over 20 years’ worth of experience when it comes to washing of modern and antique rugs. We have worked with many different types of fibers and styles of rugs.

Drying Process

Having your area rugs cleaned in your home can lead to several problems. Unfortunately a rug cannot be adequately dried at a place of residence. Without the proper drying, an area rug can

Washing Process

At Executive Rug Cleaning your area rugs are treated to the most gentle but thorough washing in the state. Our certified technicians go to every measure to ensure that every rug leaves clean,

Fringe Cleaning Process

Remember the day you brought your new rug home and placed it on the floor? It attributed elegance and beauty to the room and tied everything together for the full affect. 

Soft Water Rinse Process

The soft water rinse is an added bonus when it comes to cleaning Oriental and fine textile rugs. Executive Rug Cleaning gives each rug our signature soft water rinse to enhance 


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